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Buck diary Title Young Radicals
Speaker Buck Raleigh
Level BioShock 2 Multiplayer
Young Radicals
Buck Raleigh - Young Radicals
Transcript: I've been gutted! Caught like a fish on a line with my insides tore clean outta me! Got the report my security system was triggered down at the distillery, goddamn terrorists at it again. I rushed down there to find a twisted heap of sparking Security Bots and mutilated bodies. One of 'em was still alive, barely, and hummin' a goddamn labor hymn. I couldn't b'lieve my ears 'cause I knew the voice, was the voice I been achin' to hear for nigh on a year. It was Clara, my Clara, leadin' the charge against me.

Location: On the couch in the player's apartment, unlocked at Rank 25.

AD BioShock 2 Multiplayer Audio Diaries Location f0526

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