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AudioLog FrankFontain Title You Stupid Bastard
Speaker Frank Fontaine
Level Housewares
Date September the 10th, 1958
You Stupid Bastard
You Stupid Bastard
Transcript: Suchong, I'm gonna make this clear as can be, so we don't have any miscommunications. Where -- the hell -- is the ace -- in the hole? You think you can stiff Frank Fontaine? I paid good money for state a' the art weaponry. I ain't losin' this war just because you found yourself a higher bidder. I can promise you -- I ain't never been one to lose with dignity.

Location: Hidden inside Fontaine's secret room. Only found after finding all four Coded Messages and interacting with the bottles on the shelf.

VP gNr113-lNr15 Frank Fontaine - You Stupid Bastard f0718 VP gNr113-lNr15 Frank Fontaine - You Stupid Bastard f0719 VP gNr113-lNr15 Frank Fontaine - You Stupid Bastard f0720

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