Nina Carnagie Title You, Me, and 1959
Speaker Nina Carnegie
Level Ryan Amusements
You, Me, and 1959
AD gNr023-lNr08 Nina Carnegie - You, Me, and 1959 f0049
Transcript: I think all of the children have finally fallen asleep. And now that the park is all quiet… I can't sleep myself! I guess it's just you and me, Mr. Voice Recorder. You, me, and 1959. I wonder what the new year will -- What… what was that? Something's happened, the lights are going out. Kids, stay in your sleeping bags, it's going to be fine…

Location: On a desk in the Ride Maintenance room at the entrance of Journey to the Surface.

AD gNr023-lNr08 Nina Carnegie - You, Me, and 1959 f0050

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