Augustus Sinclair Title Wrong Side of the Tracks
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Pauper's Drop
Wrong Side of the Tracks
AD gNr042-lNr08 Augustus Sinclair - Wrong Side of the Tracks f0088
Transcript: Ol' Pauper's Drop's the worst neighborhood in Rapture -- but it's a hell of an opportunity to raise up some ah, affordable housin'. When Atlantic Express was constructin' their luxury passenger line, this place was hollowed out beneath as flophouses for the railway crew. Nobody was s'posed ta reside down here long-term -- but when you're broke in this town, you're not exactly swimmin' in alternatives. I don't favor spendin' more than an hour or so down here at a time. There ain't a side of the tracks more wrong than under 'em.

Location: Behind the Sinclair Deluxe reception desk, left side.

AD gNr042-lNr08 Augustus Sinclair - Wrong Side of the Tracks f0089

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