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Worlds of Hurt Cover
You MUST save the "LITTLE SISTER" but first you must ENTER and RETURN from THE EIGHT DOORS OF DOOM!!!
― Worlds of Hurt comic bubble[src]

Worlds of Hurt is the third of the three challenges from the Challenge Rooms DLC for the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock, BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition and BioShock: The Collection. Set in Rapture's Combat Arena, there are nine stages to be cleared, with one room for each stage acting as a simulation of a Rapture environment. Connecting all the rooms is a large, circular room that acts as a central hub.

New Discoveries Edit

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon 

Walkthrough Edit

Trophies and AchievementsEdit

World of hurt rescue


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to rescue the Little Sister.

World of hurt expert


This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to rescue the Little Sister in under 15:00 minutes, on medium or higher difficulty.

Worlds of hurt tough

Tough GuyEdit

This Trophy/Achievement requires the player to rescue the Little Sister using only Plasmids, Gene Tonics, the Wrench, and the Research Camera, on medium or higher difficulty.


World of hurt collect

This Trophy/Achievement requires the player only to find the eight Roses hidden throughout the stage. Their locations are:

  1. In Room #1: in the floor between two mechanical stations in the center of the room nearest to the broken health station.
  2. In Room #2: inside a crack in the partially sunken floor near the entrance. The player must crouch to see it.
  3. In Room #3 (Spider Splicers): under the bench near the Power to the People machine.
  4. In Room #4 (Security Bots): buried in ice to the right of the broken Bot Shutdown Panel, where the Thuggish Splicer was waiting.
  5. In Room #5 (Houdini Splicers): behind a sheet leaning against the wall, which is beneath the stairs to the left of the Health Station. The player must go up the stairs to the landing above it. There is an area where the railing is gone, just past the corner of the top of the section of stairs above this Rose. Get a running start and jump in order to land inside the area with the Rose.
  6. In Room #6 (All Kinds of Enemies) in between the wall and the bunker to right of Little Sister vent.
  7. In Room # (All Kinds of Big Daddies): behind a log on the floor next to the standard Rosie's starting position.
  8. In Room #8 (Security Turret Maze): against the wall on top of the second set of gears, to the left of the Power to the People machine. The player will have to time a jump to reach it.


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