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Stanley Poole Title Working for Sinclair
Speaker Stanley Poole
Level Ryan Amusements
Working for Sinclair
AD gNr028-lNr13 Stanley Poole - Working for Sinclair f0059
Transcript: I uh... met with Sinclair today, of "Sinclair Solutions". It's this pseudo-legal firm he set up to take problems Ryan doesn't want to admit he has, and make them go away. I could fill forty front pages at the Tribune with stories about this fella, if he wasn't payin' me not to. And he's got work for me, right? I ask what, and he flashes me these thousand dollar Steinman teeth, sayin' this job'll quote change history end quote.

Location: In an alcove of the flooded room containing a Power to the People machine, in Journey to the Surface.

AD gNr028-lNr13 Stanley Poole - Working for Sinclair f0060

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