Sofia Lamb Title Withholding Visitation
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Outer Persephone
Withholding Visitation
AD gNr112-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Withholding Visitation f0237
Transcript: Eleanor is changing as Delta draws closer. In her sleep, she mutters about having witnessed... moments from his journey here. She is beginning to resist the moral conditioning. Eleanor's bond with Delta is turning her from the Daughter of the People back into a rebellious child, whose voice I do not recognize. Worse, I suspect Eleanor of... direct involvement in his return. I fear that to separate them... I may have to... to take measures for which I will be... unable to forgive myself.

Location: In Lamb's office, just past the switch.

AD gNr112-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Withholding Visitation f0238 AD gNr112-lNr05 Sofia Lamb - Withholding Visitation f0239

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