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Wilson Bros & Company Bottling Works sign

Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works is a liquor store in the New Eden Square in Town Center, and Market District in Downtown Emporia.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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Town CenterEdit

As Booker passes through the Town Center and is stopped by the parade, a Wilson Bros. can be seen to the left on an upper level. This location is inaccessible. Another branch is found further ahead in the Square, part of the same complex of buildings as the Grocery, Patriot's Pride, and Springfield. This store is also closed and inaccessible, with children playing rock-paper-scissors in front of the main entrance.

Downtown EmporiaEdit

An accessible store is located in the Market District. It can be unlocked with three lockpicks.

Inside, the Cash Register can be looted with a Cash Bag behind the counter. An Infusion is nestled among the other bottles in the window.