Brigid TenenbaumHQ Title Why Just Girls?
Speaker Brigid Tenenbaum
Level Point Prometheus
Why Just Girls?
Brigid Tenenbaum - Why Just Girls
Transcript: I know why it has to be children, but why just girls? This I cannot determine why, but I know it is so. Fontaine says, "Ah, one less bathroom to build in the orphanage". It is amazing to watch the effect of ADAM on their small bodies. Their own cells, replaced by the new stems the instant they are damaged. These children are practically invulnerable. It is a shame you could not do the same thing to an adult. There would be quite a market for a man you could not kill.

Location: Little Wonders Educational Facility, Observation Deck, on a desk on the second floor.

AD gNr114-lNr01 Brigid Tenenbaum - Why Just Girls f0515

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