Why Even Ask Poster

A poster of Why Even Ask?

Can anyone ever make you feel like Sander Cohen can? Rapture's most beloved musical artist returns with "Why Even Ask?", his greatest album yet. Songs of love. Songs of joy. Songs of passion. Buy "Why Even Ask?" and invite Sander Cohen into your home today.
― Public Address Announcement[src]

Why Even Ask? is Sander Cohen's latest album, released in 1958. It is very heavily advertised, with large advertisements throughout Fort FrolicDionysus Park and Market Street, including in Rapture Records and Cohen's private quarters in Mercury Suites. One advertisement on Rapture Radio even called it "his greatest album yet."

Known TracksEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Stereophonic sound (or stereo) for records was still a new invention, only perfected for home use in 1957. The first commercial stereo records were offered for sale in 1958.
    • However, most of Rapture still uses monophonic (mono) 78 rpm records for use in single-horn phonographs.