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Kinetoscope Who Are the Vox Populi

"Who are the Vox Populi?"
Level: Soldier's Field

[footage of Vox Populi members protesting while backlit by a raging fire]
Malcontents who loathe our way of custom!
[a haggard and tired woman is surrounded by her crying children]
Who want what YOU have!
Free of
labor or familial status!
[uniformed officers of Columbia's Finest stand at the ready]
Join the Flying Squad!
Defend Columbia!

Location: In the Patriot's Pavilion in the Tickets building, near the cannon on the ground floor.

VP gNr027-lNr02 Vivian Monroe - A True Soldier f0573 KIN gNr012-lNr03 Who are the Vox Populi? f0749


BioShock Infinite Who are the Vox Populi?00:27

BioShock Infinite Who are the Vox Populi?

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