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Elliot Nelson Title What a Snap
Speaker Elliot Nelson
Level Pauper's Drop
What a Snap
AD gNr052-lNr18 Elliot Nelson - What a Snap f0108
Transcript: ...and that's a hundred! What a snap! Give Sinclair a few bucks for a load of vials and needles, then it's evenings putting these syringes together while I listen to the radio... sell 'em back to Sinclair at twice the price! Whatta racket! A few pin-pricks here and there's nothin' to complain about. Gonna be back on top soon. Thank you, Mr. Sinclair... sucker...

Location: Beside a wheelchair and boxes of empty hypos on the top level of the atrium of The Sinclair Deluxe.

AD gNr052-lNr18 Elliot Nelson - What a Snap f0109

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