Davis Pittman Title Welcome to the Funhouse
Speaker Davis Pittman
Level Ryan Amusements
Welcome to the Funhouse
Pittman Welcome to the Funhouse
Transcript: Working security at this park should have been a breeze. Point some old ladies toward the john, listen to the radio, maybe pull down the brim'a the cap and catch a few Z's. Turns out I'm on my feet more than a beat cop. Teeny boppers jumping off the ride, kids throwing iced creams at the exhibits. I've got someone in the holding cell every day. Brother, this park really brings out the best in people.

Location: Cult of Rapture Website.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This removed audio diary is also featured in the localization texts under the name "The Best in People," and is associated to the file EDU_L_3Lg5_Log_.

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