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Daniel Wales Title Wales an' Wales
Speaker Daniel Wales
Level Siren Alley
Wales an' Wales
AD gNr064-lNr09 Daniel Wales - Wales an' Wales f0132
Transcript: (Sigh) Fuck it. I'm proper drunk and feelin' introspective. Now, in the motherland, Simon and I designed cathedrals together. But I was the black ol' sheep back there, never believin' a word o' the Jesus bollocks meself. Then Andrew Ryan says he wants Wales an' Wales for Rapture -- a Cathedral with no God, befittin' the ascent o'man. Now I'm runnin' girls... and Simon thinks he's saving souls. Father Wales -- ha! Can ya believe I shared a womb with such a sap!

Location: On the desk in Daniel Wales' office.

AD gNr064-lNr09 Daniel Wales - Wales an' Wales f0133

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