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Andrew RyanHQ
"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination
of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us."
Andrew Ryan

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"Daniel... you and I drafted Rapture's blueprint together... "Wales and Wales, Architects." Do you remember?"
―Simon Wales[src]
"Then Andrew Ryan says he wants Wales an' Wales for Rapture -- a Cathedral with no God, befittin' the ascent o'man."
―Daniel Wales[src]

Wales & Wales was an architecture firm which designed cathedrals in Ireland until it was contracted by Andrew Ryan to design much of Rapture. Located in the city's Mason District, it was owned by the two Wales brothers, Simon and Daniel.

The firm was very successful up until uncovering the truth that Wales & Wales' architecture design caused the structures to leak. When the company lost their credit and went out of business, Simon Wales felt guilty for his selfish ways and sought counseling with Sofia Lamb. After that, he found religion, starting up a small church to help others who felt the same way. His brother Daniel, on the other hand, took to running The Pink Pearl Brothel and became an alcoholic.

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