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Nina Carnagie Title Volunteer
Speaker Nina Carnegie
Level Ryan Amusements
AD gNr018-lNr03 Nina Carnegie - Volunteer f0039
Transcript: I love the kids in Ms. Englert's third grade class, but boy, I had NO idea what I was getting into, volunteering to chaperon this New Year's sleepover party at Ryan Amusements… Donny… Donny! Get down off of that exhibit, and I told you, spit out that gum! You'll choke! (Sigh) The kids' parents deserve a night off to enjoy New Years, but I'm at my wit's end -- Donny! I TOLD you --

Location: Under a bench in the top central area of the Rapture Museum.

AD gNr018-lNr03 Nina Carnegie - Volunteer f0040

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