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Kinetoscope Blank

"Visit Battleship Bay!"
Level: BioShock Infinite Removed Content

[view of the Battleship Bay waterfront]
Enjoy the waves at the amazing, imitation beach!
[view from the beach at the battleship figurehead; children frolic in the sand in the foreground]
Regale at The Duke and Dimwit automatic players!
[costumed Duke and Dimwit mascots wave at the crowd; mechanical versions rotate on the stage behind them]
The kiddies sure love 'ice cream!'
[interior view of Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe
And never forget -- The Hall of Heroes!
[shot of the Hall of Heroes building]

Location: Removed from the game.


BioShock Infinite Visit Battleship Bay!00:29

BioShock Infinite Visit Battleship Bay!

Behind the ScenesEdit

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