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Ventilation Control Sign
It's not your time to enter the Core! Not just yet!
― Reed Wahl[src]

Ventilation Control or Engineering is a wing apart from the central hall of Operations and offers access to Climate Control with its Turbine and Turbine Maintenance sections, Exhaust Venting and a tunnel to Core Access. Upon attempting to enter Core Access, Reed Wahl puts the turbines into overdrive and freezes both the entrance and Climate Control. Subject Sigma must find ways to defrost both in order to proceed.


Ventilation Control acts as a central hub to allow engineers to quickly access several key maintenance sections of The Thinker. The stairs leading to the lower level offers a Gatherer's Garden. The lower level itself features a Vita-Chamber, presumably to help refresh tired scientists, a Gene Bank and a Circus of Values.

As no visitors are allowed in the The Thinker's inner workings, a Security Camera keeps guard directly over the entrance.

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New WeaponryEdit

  • Upgraded Drill (All Upgrades) - Under the pathway leading to Computer Core Access, in front of the Exhaust Venting elevator. Found impaled through a corpse.