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  • Xeno126

    We all know the basics a new place put of the this world rapture,Colombia,but their are other similarities as we'll like Sofia lamb and their flock,and com stocks followers the difference is none the followers are both fanatical. And also daisy fritzroy a person whom leads a lower class rebellion just like Atlas. Then their are the two lambs Elizabeth and Eleanor both of incredible power. Do not forget the third parties, Saunders Cohen,slate,and others you see the connections between the bioshock 1,2 are much bigger than we thought. Who knows what will bioshock churn

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  • Xeno126

    Sinclair in Burial at sea

    November 3, 2013 by Xeno126

    I have seen some of the burial at sea footage elizabith mentions money to be made and men who make it Sinclair being a empentuer at the time is the prime candidate as at this time Fountaine(died for the 1st time)

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