Back! Sorry for the long wait. Here, you'll find to my new idea for the pistol-type weapon in the two previous games: the Luger. In my opinion, the Pistol and the Rivet Gun were near-perfectly designed, so there isn't much to change. However, there is plenty of potential to expand on its usefulness. So, without further ado, I present you the Luger:


  • Clip Size: Six rounds.
  • Ammo Carry Capacity: 48/24/24.

In terms of appearance and lore, the Luger is meant to be the one that belonged to Sofia Lamb, although worn down and covered in barnacles after prolonged exposure to seawater. It also has about the same amount of recoil as the Pistol in BioShock. Other than that, it deals as much damage at its predecessors, and has the same headshot multiplier.

Ammo Types

  • Bullets: Standard ammo for the Pistol. Nothing much to say here.
  • Trap Bullets: Rare ammo for the Pistol. Work like the Trap Rivets for the Rivet Gun.
  • Pressure Bullets Inventable ammo for the Pistol. Work similarly to the Burst Cell ammo for the Ion Laser: although firing one of these instantly will deal very little damage, holding the fire button will build up air pressure within the bullet and release it with increased force. The bullet will fire automatically out of the gun if charged up for too long.


  • Upgrade 1: Triple Clip. As the name suggests, this triples the clip size of the Luger, allowing you to fire up to eighteen shots without reloading.
  • Upgrade 2: Accelerator. Bullets can now pass through multiple enemies. In addition, if an enemy is under the effect of a Plasmid or elemental attack, all enemies the bullet hits afterwards will also be affected by said attack. This effect stacks: for example: if the bullet passes through an enemy on fire and another one who's electrocuted, the third will be shocked and on fire.
  • Upgrade 3: Precision Pointer. An optical laser is attached to the underside of your gun. The exact place where your bullet will land will be marked with a red dot.
  • Upgrade A: Flaming Bullets. Shooting twice in quick succession will cause every next round to set the target on fire, up until you reload or stop firing for some time.
  • Upgrade B: Panic Attack. Taking damage will temporarily increase the damage you deal with the Luger. The more damage you take, the more damage you deal.
  • Upgrade C: X-Ray Vision. Able to shoot through light cover. Zooming in will bring up an electronic screen, showing the outlines of enemies behind cover.

Again, sorry this took so long. Hope you liked it! More coming soon.

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