Hello there again. This time I'll be covering my idea for the series' repeater weapon. Throughout BioShock and its sequel, the Machine Gun and Gatling Gun respectively have been somewhat overlooked: their playstyle isn't particularly interesting relative to other weapons, their upgrades are rather mundane (and, in the case of the Gatling Gun's ricochet upgrade, useless) and their overall feel is fairly generic. In short, they're not special. To fix this, I had a few changes in mind that could make this weapon type both more interesting and strategically diverse.


  • Clip Size: Forty rounds.
  • Ammo Carry Capacity: 280/160/160

Appearance-wise, it's a rusty Soviet automatic kalashnikov, also known as an AK-47. At the start, it handles pretty much the same as the Machine Gun in the previous games. However, it produces a muzzle flash when fired, which also lights up a small portion of the surrounding area in the dark.

Ammo Types

  • Auto Rounds: Standard ammo for the Machine Gun. In addition to dealing moderate piercing damage, this ammo type deals extra damage against frozen enemies.
  • Anti-Personnel Rounds: Rare ammo for the Machine Gun. Still deal increased damage to fleshy enemies, but also deal extra damage to anything that's on fire.
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds: Inventable ammo for the Machine Gun. Deal extra damage against armored enemies, but also against shocked foes.


  • Upgrade 1: Repulsion Vents. Negates the Machine Gun's recoil.
  • Upgrade 2: Belt Magazine. Your clip size is capped at the maximum ammo carry capacity, allowing you to fire without ever having to reload.
  • Upgrade 3: Lock-On. Firing at an enemy will cause your weapon's barrel to follow that enemy around, letting you fire without having to adjust your aim. Killing the enemy or jerking your aim away will break the lock-on.
  • Upgrade A: Shredder Rounds. The more you fire at a target, the more damage each next round deals against them.
  • Upgrade B: Trap Rounds. Corpses will violently eject all Machine Gun rounds shot into them (both during their lifetime and after death) at any enemy in their vicinity.
  • Upgrade C: Seeker Rounds. If several enemies are close together, shooting one of them will cause the bullets to exit the first target and shoot towards a second, dealing slightly less damage, and so on. Can chain up to three targets this way.

And that does the Kalashnikov. Enjoy!

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