Telekinesis is the most versatile plasmid in the game. It can be used to throw stuff at people, create a shield or pick up unreachable objects. My upgrade tree for this plasmid is made to expand its range of uses even more, by reintroducing an old friend...

Level One

Changes: Objects held by the player using Telekinesis should be much more transparent (not fully transparent, but enough so as to allow the user to aim properly).

Level Two

Telekinesis 2 Upgrade #1: Heavy Mover. Player can pick up and throw much larger objects (counts as an entirely different class of object, so while the Light category would include ashtrays and corpses, the Heavy category would include parts of the scenery and giant rubble boulders). Unlocks Telekinesis 3 upgrades #1 and #2.

Telekinesis 2 Upgrade #2: Psychic Boom. Simply casting the plasmid (as opposed to holding down the button on the mouse/controller) allows the player to instantly throw forth all physics objects directly in front of them (including projectiles, but not including live enemies). Unlocks Telekinesis 3 upgrades #3 and #4.

Level Three

Telekinesis 3 Upgrade #1: Live Ammunition. Player can pick up and throw live non-giant Splicers.

Telekinesis 3 Upgrade #2: Multi-Mentalist. Player can pick up several objects at once, to a maximum of four. Releasing the plasmid throws all held objects in quick succession.

Telekinesis 3 Upgrade #3: Sonic Boom. Player can also throw enemies (including giant enemies, with less effect) if casting the plasmid, dealing them damage depending on how far they travel and whether they hit something.

Telekinesis 3 Upgrade #4: Psychic Shield. Charging the plasmid without picking up anything creates a shield which deflects/reflects all non-melee attacks aimed at the player's front, in exchange for a continuous drain in EVE.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, anyone have the icons for Teke 2 and 3?

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