Electro Bolt is probably the most famous plasmid in the series, since it's the first plasmid the player gets their hands on. It's very versatile and has two main uses: number one, it's a stun plasmid, meant to allow the player to land a headshot or a One-Two Punch. Number two, it can be used for direct damage-dealing when in water. When coming up with the upgrades to this plasmid, I tried to develop on those aspects.

Level One

Changes: Not much. The only thing that I'd like to see changed is that Electro Bolt should be able to stun machinery for longer than Winter Blast, since that's what an electric shock should normally do to a lump of metal and circuits.

Level Two

Electro 2

Electro Bolt 2 Upgrade #1: Chain Lightning. Pretty much the same upgrade here as in BioShock 2, allowing the player to charge up the plasmid to be able to hit multiple targets. Unlocks Electro Bolt 3 upgrades #1 and #2.

Electro Bolt 2 Upgrade #2: Critical Shock. Shooting an enemy while they are shocked will deal critical damage (about twice or thrice the normal amount). Unlocks Electro Bolt 3 upgrades #3 and #4.

Level Three

Electro 3

Electro Bolt 3 Upgrade #1: Electric Surge. The equivalent of the "lightning hand" in BioShock 2, except that it deals damage equivalent to that of the Chemical Thrower in the original game. A normal plasmid cast is now equivalent to a fully charged Chain Lightning blast, and charging up the plasmid shoots out electricity from the player's hands.

Electro Bolt 3 Upgrade #2: Lightning Storm. A normal plasmid cast is now equivalent to a fully charged Chain Lightning blast. Charging up the plasmid creates an electrical orb at the designated location which will randomly discharge the plasmid onto any nearby enemies for a set amount of time before disappearing, allowing the player to fight using other plasmids during that time.

Electro Bolt 3 Upgrade #3: Tesla Coil. Killing a shocked enemy will cause them to discharge electricity around them, shocking everything nearby and causing affected enemies to take critical damage from the next attack while shocked.

Electro Bolt 3 Upgrade #4: Crack O' the Whip. Firing the plasmid at a piece of friendly machinery, instead of damaging them, will temporarily grant them increased speed, reflexes and damage output. Boosted machinery will crackle with electricity and their sound effects wil be sped up for the duration of the boost.

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