Chrono Warp's main use is as a debuff plasmid: while it doesn't actually stun enemies, it effectvely gives the player a significant edge over them. It's also meant to look cool. Right now, though, you're most likely thinking "The hell's he going on about? I don't even know what this plasmid does." So, without further ado, I present you Chrono Warp in all its time-warping beauty:

Level One

At level 1, casting the plasmid at an enemy warps them in time: they will move, jump, fall and attack in slow-mo (between 1/5 and 1/10 normal speed). This means that, if the enemy has a gun, their shots will move slow enough for the player to dodge them. Warped enemies will also have slower reflexes (which means that the player can Warp a Security Camera and pass through its line of sight without being detected). The player can also warp enemy projectiles and physics objects, which slows them down if they're moving.

Level Two

Shorten Alarms 2 Icon

Chrono Warp 2 Upgrade #1: Singularity. Charging the plasmid will cast a globule which will stick to the scenery. Everything around the globule will be warped in time for the duration of the globule. The closer the object/enemy is to the globule, the heavier the effects. Globule can be stuck onto objects and enemies. Unlocks Chrono Warp 3 upgrades #1 and #2.

Chrono Warp 2 Upgrade #2: Time is Money. Killing a warped enemy yields much better loot, including more money, ammo and rare U-Invent parts. Unlocks Chrono Warp upgrades #3 and #4.

Level Three

Chrono Warp 3 Upgrade #1: Wall of Time. Simply casting the plasmid automatically fires a globule. Charging the plasmid casts a beam which, if it touches the scenery, will create a wall that warps anything that passes through it. Can be fired on walls and ceilings as well as floors.

Chrono Warp 3 Upgrade #2: Bullet-Time. Simply casting the plasmid automatically fires a globule. Charging the plasmid slows down time across the entire level (player remains unaffected, though).

Chrono Warp 3 Upgrade #3: Chrono-Vampire. Player's speed, jump power, damage output, firing and reload rate increase with the number of enemies currently warped.

Chrono Warp 3 Upgrade #4: Rewind. Charging the plasmid rewinds time. Player's health restored to what they had at the time if higher than at present. Going back in time also creates a doppelganger which will perform the exact same actions performed by the player right up until they went back in time, at which point the double disappears.

You think this could get included in the sequel? I'd like to hear your opinion. Also yes, I know, the icons I took were taken from the Shorten Alarms Gene Tonics. It was the only time-ish icon I managed to find.

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