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Turrets have always worked fine in the BioShock games. Sure, they took out the elusive Flamethrower Turret from BioShock 2 (grr), but that wasn't a biggie. Still, after two games these things are starting to get a little predictable. How about we make them even cooler?

Research Bonuses

  • Level 1: Decreased Turret accuracy versus the player
  • Level 2: +Damage
  • Level 3: Quik-e-Shoot Gene Tonic (see here)
  • Level 4: ++Damage
  • Level 5: Instant hack (with bonus)


Turrets will make a characteristic sound when you're near them. For example, Machine Gun turrets could make a sound similar to the reloading of an actual machine gun, while Flamethrower Turrets may produce the sound of high-pressure gas escaping (like some sort of pneumatic machine). Other than that, there's not much more you can do to make a static gun different. At the beginning, you'll face three different Turret models:

  • Machine Gun Turret: Standard Turret model. Like its predecessors, it's the most common Turret in the game.
  • RPG Turret: Again, same as the RPG Turrets before it. Slightly rarer, and far more deadly.
  • Flamethrower Turret: Makes a return. Sets you on fire.

Now, what with Turrets being stationary things, it's pretty useless for them to have upgrades. However, you can repair them.


As with the Security Bots, three new types of Turret will appear at the game's midpoint:

  • Crossbow Turret: A long-range Turret with a powerful crossbow, usually placed in wide open spaces. Shots can be dodged or, if you're good enough, caught and thrown back with Telekinesis.
  • Quake Turret: A short range Turret. Instead of a gun, this one has a huge pillar which it smashes against the ground to create a powerful shockwave. If you get caught in it, you take damage and get thrown up into the air. If you hit the ceiling, you take even more damage.
  • Hive Turret: A medium-range Turret capable of attacking you from behing cover. This one doesn't have a gun either. Instead, it shoots out miniature Security Bots (which are like Miniature Turrets, only they fly) which follow and shoot at the player. Can deploy up to two mini-Bots at a time.

So that wraps it up for the Turrets. Hope you like it!

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