Brute Splicer

Brute Splicers are the newest Splicers in the game, and don't appear often. So why change them? Well, mainly because towards the end they turn into cannon fodder, throwing themselves at Subject Delta in droves. My main objective here is to make the Brute Splicer even tougher.

Research Bonuses

  • Level 1: Armored Shell 1 Gene Tonic
  • Level 2: +Damage
  • Level 3: Armored Shell 2 Gene Tonic
  • Level 4: ++Damage
  • Level 5: If the player is under 50% health, will regenerate health quickly up to half maximum health when not in combat


Two changes: number one, since you're a human, if these guys get too close they can pick you up and throw you around, dealing damage if you hit anything painful. Second, they can shield themselves with their arms, which makes them significantly harder to kill from the front. They can also charge while shielded this way, although they won't be able to see where they're going. If they slam into a wall, they take damage and are temporarily stunned. You can also break their protection by electrocuting them. If you freeze them they'll still be shielded from the front, but they'll also stand still, so you can hit them from their unshielded back. If you set them on fire, they'll take the same amount of damage from the flames regardless of where you attack them from.


Very simple: after you reach the midpoint, every Brute Splicer you encounter will have a healing factor. If you deal them damage, they'll instantly start healing. If you can't deal damage fast enough, they'll heal more than you can shoot. If you abandon the fight, they'll heal away all the damage you've dealt them. This makes them extremely hard to kill when they shield themselves with their arms. Set them on fire to negate the healing factor, or freeze them to put it on hold.

This one's a bit short, but that's because there's not much to improve on the Brutes. Stay tuned tomorrow for an entirely new elite breed of Splicer!

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