Brigid TenenbaumHQ Numbers
Speaker Brigid Tenenbaum
Level To be revealed

Transcript: With so many new people helping me on my mission, I find it hard, sometimes, to not think of them as... numbers, tools. This one, good marksman; this other, smart leader; that one, expendable... Ha. Dr. Lamb would laugh, seeing me think like this. Yes, the Little Ones are the reason we all do what we do here. But that does not mean I must kill the mother so that the daughter can live. It is cruel that the parents are the ones who have to fight for the freedom of their own children, yet there is no other way. This is all my fault.

Location: To be revealed later.

Had this in my mind for a while. It probably doesn't make any sense right now, but it will after I'll explain it in another blog post.

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