The Spear Gun replaces the original multiplayer's Crossbow. It's a very good long-range weapon which also works at medium ranges as a last-ditch weapon. Its only real con is that each Spear travels like a physics object, which needs to be compensated for. Unlocked at Rank 15.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (on a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: 2.5x
  • Clip Size: 5 shots.
  • Total Magazine Size: 30 shots.

Ammunition Types

  • Spears: Base ammo for the Spear Gun. Deal 50 damage per hit. Can be recovered after being fired and can be picked up and thrown with Telekinesis. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Grapple Spears: Deal only 20 damage on direct impact, but have a special effect: shooting anything deploys a cord connecting the spear to the player. Shooting a physics object or an enemy drags them towards the player. Shooting the scenery allows the player to grapple it, swinging, rappeling or climbing across it. The player can adjust the length of the cord by using the mousewheel (or its console equivalent) and pressing the fire button again will cut the cord. The cord will snap if it takes enough damage from enemies. Cannot be recovered after being fired. Unlocked at Rank 46.
  • Trap Spears: Deal 15 damage per tip on a direct hit. This ammo type is shot in two parts on the scenery, and once deployed a thin electrified cord will link the two tips together. If an enemy steps through the cord they will set it off, receiving 75 damage along with an electric shock equal to a fully-charged Electro Bolt, dealing added damage and effects. Cord can be broken if it takes enough damage, and the tips can be moved with Telekinesis or blown away with Sonic Boom, at which point it will deal damage when friendlies pass through them. The player and their teammates can pass through Trap Spears without setting them off, and they will glow green if they have been deployed by a friendly player. Cannot be recovered once deployed. Unlocked at Rank 73.


  • Unbreakable Spears: Spears will now never break after being fired, but they will dip more harshly over long distances. Unlocked at Rank 48.
  • Improved Crank: Increases the Spear Gun's rate of fire, at the cost of reducing each ammo type's damage output by 33% (so Spears deal 33.3 damage, Grapple Spears deal 13.3 damage and Trap Spears deal 10 damage per tip on direct impact or 50 damage plus a two-thirds-charged Electro Bolt if set off). Unlocked at Rank 78.
  • Rocket Fins: Slows down each Spear after being shot but allows the player to slightly control their direction while they're still flying. Unlocked at Rank 95.

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