The Rivet Gun is equivalent to the original multiplayer's Pistol: accurate, moderate damage, large clip and a short reload time. It's the most versatile gun in the game, good at close to mid-range combat as well as sniping, and works well as a backup weapon. However, there's always a gun that'll do better than the Rivet Gun at any range. It's unlocked right from the start, so you can try finding out your fighting style with it. Its alternate ammo gives it even more uses, making it a handy jack-of-all trades.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (On a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: 2x
  • Clip Size: 6 shots.
  • Total Magazine Size: 36 shots.

Ammunition Types

  • Rivets: Base ammunition for the Rivet Gun, deal 25 damage per shot. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Machine Buster Rivets: Deal double damage against machines (50), but only 16.7 (two-thirds of 25) damage versus live enemies. Unlocked at Rank 28.
  • Trap Rivets: Deal 16.7 damage upon direct impact, but if fired at the scenery, a physics object or a friendly Security Bot, it will deploy (this takes about half a second) and fire a Rivet dealing 33.3 (133% of 25) damage if an enemy winds up in its line of fire. Can be recovered when deployed but not after having been set off. Unlocked at Rank 56.


  • Pressure Tank: Increases the Rivet Gun's damage output by 50% in exchange for a slower rate of fire. Unlocked at Rank 32.
  • Compact Casing: Increases the Rivet Gun's clip to nine shots, at the expense of a slower reload time. Unlocked at Rank 62.
  • Precision Sights: Increases the Rivet's Gun accuracy to long-range weapon levels and augments its zoom function, but decreases its clip to four shots. Unlocked at Rank 86.

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