Hello there! Sorry I'm late. Anyway, I don't want to keep you waiting any more, so let's get down to business. The Railgun is the successor to the Elephant Gun, which means it's a precise long to mid-range weapon, which can be either extremely weak or extremely deadly depending on who's using it. Also, since you could now be able to turn while under the effects of Electro Bolt, this weapon won't be as much of the annoying insta-kill weapon it is at the moment. Unlocked at Rank 22.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (on a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: 2.5x
  • Clip Size: 2 shots.
  • Total Magazine Size: 12 shots.

Ammunition Types

  • Concussive Slugs: Base ammo for the Rail Gun, deal 40 damage per hit. As opposed to the Elephant Gun's shots, these can only deal extra headshot damage when the player is zoomed in. Shot can pass through multiple enemies and light cover. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Fragmentation Slugs: Upon impact with an enemy, the bullet will explode and fire a mini-slug at every other enemy within a radius of ten feet. Each enemy receives 25 damage per target hit, so hitting a single enemy would deal them only 25 damage whereas catching three enemies in a single shot would deal them all 75 damage. However, headshots don't deal any extra damage. Unlocked at Rank 53.
  • Hunter Slugs: Shots deal no damage at first, but are also undetectable by the enemy being fired at. If a target is hit, the player will be able to see them through the scenery until the target dies. The enemy will also take 50% more damage from any attacks for the next ten seconds after a short moment. If the target is killed by someone else while under the effects of the damage debuff, the player will automatically receive an assist reward. Unlocked at Rank 79.


  • Magnetic Chamber: Increases the Railgun's clip to three shots, at the cost of causing the weapon to jerk to the side after firing a shot. Unlocked at Rank 55.
  • Sniper Scope: Greatly increases the Railgun's viewing distance when zoomed, but reduces the weapon's clip to one shot (Note: Since each shot is loaded manually, this also means the reload time is halved). Unlocked at Rank 82.
  • Energy Siphon: Each successful hit restores a portion of the player's EVE, in exchange for decreased accuracy. Unlocked at Rank 99.

And that pretty much wraps up the multiplayer weapons. Sorry it took so long to post this one. Hope you liked it! I'd also like to hear your thoughts.

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