The Ion Laser replaces the Nail Gun from the first multiplayer. Now, a big problem with the Nail Gun is that a lot of people just tap the trigger so as to keep their weapon fully revved, effectively turning the weapon into a more powerful Machine Gun without recoil. To fix this, players who rev up and/or fire this weapon will be slowed down to around half speed. Other than that, it works pretty much the same way, except it fires lasers instead of nails. Also, since it's a laser, shots can pass through transparent surfaces such as windows. Unlocked at Rank 18.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (on a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: No multiplier.
  • Clip Size: 100 battery power.
  • Total Magazine Size: 600 battery power.

Ammunition Types

  • Cutting Beam: Base ammo for the Ion Laser, deals 100 damage per second of continuous firing (if every shot lands on target), so 4 damage per unit of battery power. Beam glows red. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Welding Beam: Deals only 75 damage per second (or 3 damage per unit of battery power), but enemies hit by the beam are temporarily slowed down. Beam glows green. Unlocked at Rank 49.
  • Seeker Beam: Beam takes longer to charge but once it hits an enemy, the beam will lock onto that enemy until they get out of sight or until the player stops firing. Beam glows blue. Unlocked at Rank 76.


  • Reflecting Beam: Beam can ricochet across any opaque surface, dealing less damage each time it ricochets. On the downside, the weapon deals less damage the more it is fired continuously. Unlocked at Rank 52.
  • Focused Mirrors: Beam spray is reduced, increasing accuracy and range. However, the weapon can only fire in bursts of 25 units at a time, with an interval of around half a second. Unlocked at Rank 81.
  • Extra Crystal: Weapon deals double damage if fired at an enemy's back, in return for reduced range. Unlocked at Rank 97.

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