The Gatling Gun is the first automatic weapon the player receives, and replaces the Tommy Gun from the original game. This one's a mid-range spray-and-pray weapon: good against groups, good for retreats and no real accuracy needed. The only big problem is its recoil. Unlocked at Rank 5.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (on a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Clip Size: 40 rounds.
  • Total Magazine Size: 240 rounds.

Ammunition Types

  • .50 Caliber Rounds: Base ammo for the Gatling Gun, deal 66.6 damage per second of continuous firing (if every shot lands on target), so 6.66 damage per bullet. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Medicinal Rounds: Deals half the damage of .50 Caliber Rounds, but each successful shot heals the player for 3.33 damage per round, so the player can regain up to 33.3 hitpoints per second. If the player is at maximum health, they will gain a health bonus, capped at 25% over normal health which decays over time. Can also be used to heal (and overheal) friendly players. If your ally kills someone while you're healing them, you get an assist point. Unlocked at Rank 36.
  • Piercing Rounds: Have the shortest range of all three ammo types, but these rounds can pass through light cover, dealing reduced damage. Unlocked at Rank 63.


  • Kickback Absorber: Negates the Gatling Gun's recoil at the cost of increased spray. Unlocked at Rank 38.
  • Ammo Belt: Feeds the entire magazine into a single clip (per ammo type), requiring no reload. On the other hand, this decreases the weapon's rate of fire. Unlocked at Rank 68.
  • Explosive Bullets: Rounds deal splash damage, in exchange for a halved clip size. Unlocked at Rank 90.

You know, while I'm doing this, I have no idea how it's gonna work in a real game, so my weapon balance may be drastically off. Tell me what you think of it.

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