The Drill is a unique weapon in that it only works at melee range and has no different ammo types. However, it's also the most powerful weapon in the game at that range. Although you will be able to quick-melee with any weapon, this one will instantly secure you an advantage in very close quarters. It's also available to you right from the start.


  • Damage (on a base of 100): 150 damage per second, continuous damage.
  • Quick-Melee Damage: 50 damage per hit.
  • Ammo: 120. Consumes 20 fuel units per second of continuous drilling.


  • Bioelectric Engine: Drill's fuel is replaced with energy which recharges over time. However, the Drill consumes energy 50% faster than it does fuel. Unlocked at Rank 25.
  • Extendable Drillbit: Doubles the Drill's range, but also creates a short wind-up time before being able to drill or quick-melee. Unlocked at Rank 58.
  • Deflector Dynamo: Spinning the Drill causes all shots fired at the player to ricochet harmlessly. However, the Drill will only be able to deal damage through quick-melee. Unlocked at Rank 84.

So, what do you think, as my first weapon for the multiplayer?

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