In the original multiplayer this weapon's predecessor, the Grenade Launcher, is known for one thing and one thing only: it's an annoying weapon that requires no skill to use. On one hand, there's the high damage per shot coupled with the splash radius, and on the other there's that upgrade which turns your 'nades into freaking homing missles. Then 2K had to put that other upgrade which made you shoot one more grenade and let you shoot faster. In this article I'm going to try and create a weapon which, although it's not gonna be the most skill-hungry weapon in the roster, is going to be a little tougher to use, but also more useful in other ways. Unlocked at Rank 8.


  • Quick-Melee Damage (on a base of 100): 33.3 damage per hit.
  • Headshot Damage Multiplier: No multiplier.
  • Clip Size: 4 shots.
  • Total Magazine Size: 24 shots.

Ammunition Types

  • Frag Grenades: Base ammo for the Cannon. Deal 40 damage on a direct hit. Splash damage goes from 33.3 damage (point-blank) to 25 damage. Unlocked with the weapon.
  • Proximity Mines: Deal no damage on direct impact and take about half a second to deploy. Can be laid on any object or part of the scenery (also including teammates and friendly machinery). Have a much larger radius than Frag Grenades and if the victim is in the inner half of the blast radius, they receive 60 damage. Otherwise, they receive 33.3 to 10 damage. Can also be shot by enemies, forcefully detonating them. Unlocked at Rank 39.
  • Heat-Seeking RPGs: Have a tiny splash damage radius (about a foot-wide radius), but each shot can be controlled by the player, going in the direction of their cursor. Unlocked at Rank 66.


  • Protective Casing: Renders the player immune to their own splash damage. However, the Cannon's clip is reduced to three shots. Unlocked at Rank 42.
  • Spring-Load: Rate of fire is decreased, but holding the fire button will allow the player to charge their next shot, increasing speed and range and decreasing its arc. Furthermore, the bomb's impact location is highlighted. Unlocked at Rank 72.
  • Cluster Bombs: Each bomb separates into three more bomblets after exploding, each one dealing a third of the big bomb's damage. On the downside, the initial blast deals half damage. Unlocked at Rank 91.

Did I get it right? I want to know if it's still gonna be an annoying noob weapon, or if it's improved.

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