The weapons of the BioShock 2 multiplayer are fairly well-balanced and fun to use. The addition of three upgrades for each weapon increased the range of possible tactics even more. However, there's one thing missing from the original game: alternate ammo.

Alternate ammo's the big thing in my weapons section: over time, the player will unlock new ammunition for their weapons which, although they aren't more powerful, will unlock more uses for that weapon. The player will also be able to switch between ammo types in-game. The way it works is the following: when creating your loadouts, your weapon will have an ammo indicator along with the usual upgrade indicator, in the shape of three circular icons around the corner with numbers next to them. Clicking on the ammo indicator will allow you to choose how much ammo you want for each ammo type. The total adds up to a full magazine, and you can choose to fill your entire weapon with a single ammo type, choose a few clips or adjust the ammo count down to each individual round. You can then use all the ammo types you put in your loadout in the middle of a match.

List of Weapons

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