Enemies in co-op aren't often given much attention. Most of the time, they're variations on the theme of a goon with a gun, with only minor changes preventing you from killing them in exactly the same way. BioShock, with a universe centered on genetic modification, has the potential to offer a far more diverse range of enemies. After all, not counting Infinite the series has fifteen different enemy archetypes, each with their own approach to combat. Moreover, each enemy has the capacity to evolve new powers, something the first game acknowledged but not the second.

However, giving every enemy the same ability does make them, in the end, the same enemy. Though it does add an extra layer of challenge in later levels it won't add variety to the enemy roster in itself. That's why I propose a new system for co-op: mutation. For those of you familiar with the Diablo franchise, the following may ring a bell: Basically, the mutation system means every Splicer you'd find would have random chance of spawning with a bonus, whether it be a dramatic boost to an attribute or an entirely new ability altogether. Though more powerful than the average enemy, these would stay relatively uncommon and drop much more valuable loot, and would also have a clear visual indicator to their elite status (changes in appearance, elemental effects, etc). In addition to enemies evolving new abilities, this'd mean the average fight would require you to change your strategy depending on which powers your mutated foes possess. I'm planning on adding three different mutation types per evolution level and per enemy, so each enemy would potentially have nine different iterations at its final stage.





Armored Enemies

Big Daddies


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