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Wass12 June 5, 2011 User blog:Wass12

First, I am very sorry about still not writing the synopsis of my Bioshock plan -- I have many things to do in the last two weeks. Among others, I almost finished the translation of the Dionysus Park's texts. Of course, some parts proven too hard for me, so I ask your help again.

  • "brass rings" (in "You OK there…? Keep your eye on the brass ring, brother. Find the rest of the Sisters."--Stanley Poole) This is an interesting one, because I found an [1] of the origin of this term, but I still don't know what this whole thing wants to mean exactly, or how to translate it. So here I mainly need a more translate-able synonim (or what they're called) for this idiom.
  • "Well I'd say "he's hidin' somethin'" – but he sort o' took the fun outta that one."- Augustus Sinclair Maybe just because of the dialect, but I don't think that the second part of this sentence has any sense. Please, rebut me.

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