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Wass12 May 16, 2011 User blog:Wass12

As I mentioned in my first post, I am working onthe localization of Bioshock 2 to Hungarian language. But there are some expression whom I can't understand, a I can't find the faintest clue what they mean. So I would like to ask some help from you. If you can explain, what these idioms mean, please write it down in a comment!

I have three problematic expression in this moment:

--"beast apart" Sofia Lamb about Subject Delta, in her speech before the ambush at Tenenbaum's hideout.

--"moral vessel" Sofia Lamb about her daughter, many times.

--"afterbirth" Take a guess... Sofia Lamb. The message:

"Through ADAM Eleanor will become the daughter of the people – a true Utopian ... brilliant beyond measure, but utterly selfless. As she ascends, Delta, you and I will seem as dogs, circling and snarling amid the afterbirth."
―Sofia Lamb

I hope someone will answering...

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