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Wass12 May 2, 2011 User blog:Wass12

This is the hub for my sequel ideas. As I will write more and more article for it, the framework will been filled with links to the blogposts. But still there are two thing I must to tell.

First, the system is still under construction. There are some part where I don't know to plug the plotholes, and because I keep the whole stuff in my head, likely there are holes about I don't even thought. So I'm opened to any constructive criticism or idea of improvement.

Second, the copyright. I have read a lot of text from Bioshock fans, and if I found a good idea, I picked up and built in into my system. The victim's list would be quite long, and I'm terible in remembering names anyway, so I won't set them out. But this means that if you think that you figured out this or that particular idea, then you're probably right. (Although it's still can be a coincidence.) I hope you won't feel it as an insult, but as an honor: your idea enough good to be unrepaceable in the plans of someone else.

Okay, now see the list:

Bioshock 3



  • Levels



  • Splicers
Gene Tonics
  • Big Daddies & Co.


  • Security System
  • Machines
  • Environmental Hazards



  • Weapons
Basic upgrades
Ammo upgrades
  • Plasmids
  • Gene Tonics
  • Hacking
  • Looting
  • Research
  • Inventing
  • Finding ADAM

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