Well, the time has come. This is my first blog post. Let's see how it's works -- or whether works at all.

After this start, you must noticed that I'm not a blog-writer type. I don't like to write too much, and I had specific revulsions against introductions and conclusion, because I hardly ever know how to start or finish a text. If I can, that's either a cliché or a dried and stored phrase created long time ago. But there are some stuff which I want to write down and share with the public, and the part of it about the Bioshock is enough great to cost the effort of blogging.

There is three big category for this stuff:

1: Home-made Bioshock Sequel Sketch

As many other people on this wiki, I also created an own Bioshock sequel. I don't wanna make too big premises, but this system want to put the Bioshock gameplay on entirely new basis... Okay, this sentence sounded like PR-bullshit, forget it. And my plan is rather just a frame, than a fully builded system. But I hope you will like it.

Coming soon!

2: Some help with translation

Well, this one based on your help. As I mentioned on my user page, I working on the translation on the Bioshock 2 (not alone, of course). The biggest problem is that the game's characters uses some expression, whose exact meaning almost ununderstandable to someone who learning English in three hours a week. I would be grateful if you could explain me these certain expressions. If someone want to help me, please leave a comment about it.

3: Other stuff

The spliced pork and ham of blogging. All kinds of thoughts about Bioshock, and such a thing.

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