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April 22, 2011
  • Wass12

    Hello again. As you can see, it was long since the last time I wrote here. I was (or rather, I have) occupied with... stuff. Anyway, the point is that I finished the last portion of the translation project, and as usual, I need your help with some troubling idiom.

    --One of them... cornered me, and Christ, his face - I had a gun, but I choked - and then out of nowhere we both heard this... singing, and he took off like hell on wheels. (AD [What_Happened_to_the_People%3F|What happened to the People?]) I'm not sure what means the word "choke" here? Meltzer was out of air? Or he grabbed the throat of the Splicer? Or it is an another meaning?

    --Dream, delusion, or the pain of a phantom limb -- to one man, they are as real as rain.(AD Ryan vs. Lamb: R…

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  • Wass12


    August 13, 2011 by Wass12

    Hello again. As you can see, I need your help again. I just finished to correct/translate the texts from Minerva's Den and there are some problematic case again.

    --If that costly little souvenir brings the Looters sniffing to my door, and I am forced to gun them down... it will be at your feet that I lay the blame. (AD Attracting the Looters)

    --How does it feel to know that your grand purpose is foretold by a machine? The numbers know already what will happen. As I tell you this, will it affect the outcome? Eh, I'm not so much holding my breath. (Surprisingly hard to find out the exact meaning.)

    Thanks for the answer(s).

    P.S.: Anyone would be interested, if I would publish here some cutted Audio Diary from the game?

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  • Wass12

    Translation help 5

    July 13, 2011 by Wass12

    Yes, yes, yes, I know, I did not wrote nothing about my sequel plans. In my defense, I must tell that I have been working on my translation project, because the deadlines are come closer (actually so close that I already run over them). I just ended the two Persephone, and as usual, I need some help.

    --Persephone... secret home o' Sinclair Solutions. I bet against Ryan's vision o' harmony in Rapture -- offered him a quiet place to send anybody who wasn't workin' out. And now I'm sittin' on my own private think tank. Technically, Utopia shouldn't have much use for a detention facility... but if you do business as long as I have... well, you learn to pick a brand name from the writin' on the wall. AD Augustus Sinclair--Selling Ryan Short

    --How wi…

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  • Wass12

    Translation help 4

    June 19, 2011 by Wass12

    For start, I apologise still not working on Bioshock sequel's plot. It's proven much harder to work out than I thought. I think I gonna publish the part already done, and until the rest is written, I start making an another sectionof the plan (Weapons, maybe).

    Anyway, I just ended the Fontaine Futistics in my translation project, so as usually, I would like ask your help in some difficult expression.

    --dodge a bullet (AD Goodbye to Fontaine)

    --this building condemned (AD Alone at Last)

    --"Perfect, son, you reeled him in" (RM Take a Gene Sample)

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  • Wass12

    Translation help 3

    June 5, 2011 by Wass12

    First, I am very sorry about still not writing the synopsis of my Bioshock plan -- I have many things to do in the last two weeks. Among others, I almost finished the translation of the Dionysus Park's texts. Of course, some parts proven too hard for me, so I ask your help again.

    • "brass rings" (in "You OK there…? Keep your eye on the brass ring, brother. Find the rest of the Sisters."--Stanley Poole) This is an interesting one, because I found an [1] of the origin of this term, but I still don't know what this whole thing wants to mean exactly, or how to translate it. So here I mainly need a more translate-able synonim (or what they're called) for this idiom.
    • "Well I'd say "he's hidin' somethin'" – but he sort o' took the fun outta that one."…
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