From his Voxophone message "His Design For Cruelty", Comstock says:

To tax the black more than the white, is that not cruel? To forbid the mixing of the races, is that not cruel? To give the vote to the white man, and deny it to the yellow, the black, the red -- is that not cruel? Hm. But is it not cruel to banish your children from a perfect garden? Or drown your flock under an ocean of water? Cruelty can be instructive, and what is Columbia, if not the schoolhouse of the Lord?

The error in his theology here is comparing human injustices (perpetuated by himself, no less) to God's judgments in the Bible which a Bible student can readily see are actually "just deserts". God's "banish[ing His] children from a perfect garden", referencing the Garden of Eden, was because they have sinned against the Lord, which Comstock purposely omits. God's "drown[ing His] flock under an ocean of water", referencing the Flood in the time of Noah, was also because most of them have sinned, and it was only Noah and his family who found grace in God, another thing purposely omitted by Comstock. How that compares to denying basic human rights to other races, such as fair taxation, fair democracy, and free interaction with Caucasians, is something that only exists within the imagination of what Zachary Comstock calls God. He's not punishing the other races because they have sinned against the Lord or against him personally; he's only punishing them simply because they exist and it's because he thinks that's what the Lord has told him to do, to teach the other races their "proper place" in Columbia and society in general. It's basically nothing more than using religion to justify racism and ethnicism, since the Irish are also held in the same regard by the Comstock regime as blacks, Native Americans, and Asians. And of course, he's basically the standard "wrath-aholic" believer in God who believes in mankind being more deserving of God's judgment than His mercy and will see that his adopted daughter lives up to her role as "the Lamb of Columbia", who shall "sit the throne and drown in flame the mountains of man".

Woe to anyone who dares to stray from his path, oh yeah.
He thinks he'll stand on Judgment Day to get the last laugh.
Now you're gonna have to face it, he's addicted to wrath.

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