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  • VicGeorge2K9

    From his Voxophone message "His Design For Cruelty", Comstock says:

    To tax the black more than the white, is that not cruel? To forbid the mixing of the races, is that not cruel? To give the vote to the white man, and deny it to the yellow, the black, the red -- is that not cruel? Hm. But is it not cruel to banish your children from a perfect garden? Or drown your flock under an ocean of water? Cruelty can be instructive, and what is Columbia, if not the schoolhouse of the Lord?

    The error in his theology here is comparing human injustices (perpetuated by himself, no less) to God's judgments in the Bible which a Bible student can readily see are actually "just deserts". God's "banish[ing His] children from a perfect garden", referencing the G…

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  • VicGeorge2K9

    Though I have unsubscribed from PrinceBoo21 on YouTube due to his intolerance of my commentary, justified or not, the one interesting thing I have noticed from his Let's Play on Bioshock Infinite is how he relies solely on two weapons -- the Shotgun and the Carbine -- throughout most of the game as well as two Vigors -- the Murder of Crows and Bucking Bronco. If you don't mind how he treats Elizabeth, I would recommend this for watching. I'm just not going to watch it until it's finished. But PrinceBoo21 still comes off as a jerk in it nonetheless.

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