Recently, this site has had repeated, unwanted dealings with vandals. In order to prevent further headaches, certain protection locks have been set up to prevent more asinine behavior. While on the subject, I'd like to discuss the implementation of protection on other pages.

A large number of articles on this site do not receive many (or any) edits after they've been created. For some, they've simply been expanded to the necessary length and detail, and no they longer require any updates or attention. Others simply don't have any additional information open to the general public to warrant further contributions. The Audio Diaries tend to fall under the former category, but the BioShock 2 Removed Content Audio Diaries in particular fall under both categories.

These are basic, highly important articles and their content is unequivocal. Bottome line, their information and formatting is not going to change, at least not anytime soon. However, these articles remain open to anyone to edit. Forget vandals, any well-meaning contributor might edit the transcripts based on a variety of reasons including their grammar concerns, their perception (whatever words they choose to emphasize (ie, bolden/unbolden)), or their desire to point out discontinuities between the written transcripts and the lines spoken by the voice actor.

The Removed Content diaries are an even larger problem. They are very hard to get access to, so far, only Pauolo has been able to reach them, and ought to be written the way they appear in the game files. Despite this, the pages are unlocked.

I intend to lockdown groups of pages that won't need foreseeable edits in the future like the the audio diaries and, in the future, the Radio Messages. Pages with large content, complex debate, multiple interpretation, ongoing edits, or lack of imporantce will remain unlocked. These include most character, location, enemy, and event pages.

I'd like the site's input, both support and opposition, on this plan so that I can guage how we all feel about this. If you have any articles that you think should or should not be locked, please list them here.

Protection Locks can be placed on various levels for pages:

  • All Users
  • Block New and Unregistered Users
  • Admins Only

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