Bioshock 2009-01-09 04-43-59-78

The BioShock image.

BioShock-The-Collection 2016 06-29-16 001

The remastered image.

So word has spread about BioShock: The Collection and we've already had the first of what will doubtless be many edits in reaction to the remaster. User:Mattb923 recently replaced the image above with the new image below in the BioShock section of The Lighthouse article.

This is where we must ask ourselves a series of questions. What do we do with the images that we'll be receiving? How do we organize them? How shall we arrange them on the articles that benefit from them?

One option is to replace the old images; that is, to go to the file page for the original image (this Andrew Ryan statue for example), select "Upload a new version of this file," and literally replace it with the remastered image. This is quick and effective for us, but many casual editors don't even know about this process and so likely won't go to the trouble.

Additionally, this method is problematic since remastered image isn't technically "a new version" of the BioShock image. It's an image from The Collection (or is that a distinction we want to make?). Perhaps instead, we should reserve a section in the Gallery on each article just for remastered images.

This is an issue that requires input and discussion from everyone. I urge you all to please share your opinions below so that we can reach a decision on how to proceed.

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