One of the best thing about the BioShock series is its use of licensed music. The old yet familiar songs breathe life into the historical period the games are set in and add to the atmosphere.

I'm sure many of us have thought of our own fan fictions or come up with possible sequel (or prequel/midquel) ideas. I've personally been interested in the music I'd like to hear playing while running through Rapture, so this is my list of music I'd like to hear in the next BioShock sequel. I've put the prosposed location you'd hear the song in as well. I'd also like to hear your ideas so that we could all be exposed to new songs so please share your input and where you think the song would be most appropriate if you have an idea.

For reference, see the BioShock Licensed Soundtrack and BioShock 2 Soundtrack.

Licensed Songs

Song title Artist Year Proposed Location
"Happy Days Are Here Again" Leo Reisman 1929
  • In the Locker Room at Hercules, Rapture’s central stadium and fitness center.
"It's All Forgotten Now" Al Bowlly 1934
"Oriental Shuffle" Django Reinhardt 1936
  • Inside Happy Noodle Asian Bistro.
"If You're a Viper" Stuff Smith 1936
  • Inside the Watering Hole night club in the Rapture Zoo section of Pan’s Menagerie.
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" Bing Crosby And Connie Boswell 1938
"The Lambeth Walk" Django Reinhardt 1938
  • Over the PA System in Daedalus Forum.
"Says My Heart" The Andrews Sisters 1938
"Run Rabbit Run" Flanagan and Allen 1939
  • After entering the animal research center section of Pan’s Menagerie.
"Body and Soul" Billie Holiday 1940
  • Playing in the Survivors' Camp at the Water Treatment Station.
"God Bless the Child" Billie Holiday 1941
"Gloomy Sunday" Billie Holiday 1941
  • In Athena's Glory in an apartment where a group of Splicers committed suicide.
"Green Eyes" Jimmy Dorsey 1941
  • In Studio 7 at Muse Studios, while a troop of Splicers rehearse a choreographed dance routine.
"I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" The Ink Spots 1941
  • At the hidden nuclear defense silo Pandora 
"Don't Fence Me In" Bing Crosby And Andrews Sisters 1944
  • In Rapture's agricultural and food packaging center Elysium.
"The Coffee Song" Frank Sinatra 1946
  • In the Coffee Bar.
"The Jungle King" Cab Calloway 1947
  • After entering the Primate House in Pan’s Menagerie.
"I'll Never Smile Again" Patti Page 1949
"To Each His Own" Django Reinhardt 1949
"I'll Never Be Free" Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan 1950
  • Playing in the holding cell at Rapture Security Department in Central Administrations.
"Istanbul (not Constantinople)" The Four Lads 1953
  • In the Student Dorms at Rapture University.
"Earth Angel" The Penguins 1955
  • In the gymnasium at Rapture University.
"Misty" Errol Garner 1955
  • In Rapture Radio at Muse Studios.
"Jim Dandy" LaVern Baker 1956
  • At The Juke Joint soda shop.
"Rave On!" Buddy Holly 1958
  • At the Student Center at Rapture University.
"Book of Love" The Monotones 1958
  • At the Props Department at Muse Studios.

Original Covers

We hear a lot of music on records from people on the surface, but Rapture was full of talented artists, composers, and singers. With that in mind it's too bad that the only pieces of original music we hear are Cohen's Scherzo, Rise, Rapture, Rise, and Grace Holloway's rendition of "When You're Down and Out." In the sequel wouldn't it be great to hear records with popular acts from Rapture covering songs in their own unique style or performing brand new songs of their own?

  • "The House of the Rising Sun" actually dates back at least to 1934, but it could've been even earlier. The link connects to Josh White's 1950 version, but I'd like to hear a cover that's a little faster and a little more grand by a Rapture singer.
  • "Sway" (AKA ¿Quién Será?) as made famous by Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado misses the mark for appearing in Rapture, but the song itself appears as early as 1953. For that reason, I'd love to hear an innovative Rapture diva sining this in her style.
  • Perhaps you've heard Regina Spektor's cover of "My Man". The song has actually been popular since the late 1910s (Known in French as "Mon Homme"). I though of putting in Edith Piaf's French cover "Mon Homme" which is also excellent. No matter what form, it'd be great to be covered by a Rapture band.
  • "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" was originally recorded in 1933 and covered by various artists including the most famous version by The Platters. Imagine it as covered by a male/female duet.
  • While little compares to Anne Brown's version of "Summertime" from "Porgy and Bess," I can picture it in a faster tempo, Jazz version by a male group.
  • "Blue Velvet" was first recorded in 1950 by Tony Bennet, but Bobby Vinton's 1954 version is more well known. I could see it being covered by a female artist, maybe an "Andrew Sisters"-style group.

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