Is there anyone who still plays BioShock 2 Multiplayer online? When I got BioShock 2 on my mac I was overjoyed at the idea of being able to take HUD-free images of the main game and the multiplayer game to contribute to the site. While the former has been achieved with no problem, the latter still eludes me.

Unlike on the Xbox 360 version, one cannot just start a private match and run around a Multiplayer level on their own. Rather, you need to start a party through GameRanger with at least one other opponent.

Here's the situation I know I probably cannot get HUD-free image of the Multiplayer locations like JLBiggs can (the man is a code cracking master), but if I can start a match, I can take screenshots, crop out the HUD, and upload them to the sorely image-lacking Multiplayer articles. Who can help me out? I'm asking for people who also have the game on mac and can take pics or who just want to help me to sign up here so that we can set up times to start a match. I want people who are dedicated to participating in this rather than someone who's going to attack my avatar when the match starts and ruin a shot (if I wanted to play the game, I'd do it on Xbox).

Who's with me?


  1. Take high-quality (or as close as possible) of the locations on the maps
  2. Photograph the combatants in-game so that we can see their "mutated" forms
  3. Capture moments of (other) players fighting each other in dramtic poses for the galleries.

Active Participants





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