Attention all contributors who upload pictures and have the ability to take screenshots:

It's widely apparent that people wish to contribute to this site and share the beautiful visuals of this game series with the world through this Wiki, but, in the process, some pages are getting an excess of attention while others are lacking.

For example, do we really need another picture of Elizabeth? Her page is so overburdened with images that it's beginning to look cluttered. The same, I believe, can be said for other pages such as Booker DeWitt, Songbird, Vox Populi, Soldiers, Sky-Hook, etc.

Many of these pages have virtually the same image, the only difference is that they were taken at a differnt location. For example, the multiple, unnecessary images of Booker's hands (just his hands, not his face), the sky-hook executing someone, soldier or vox populi member models, etc.

Let's make a calculated effort not to add pictures to pages that don't need them and instead focus on the ones that are lacking. Just because an article has an image, doesn't mean that it doesn't require the "Pictures Needed" category (one is only the bare minimum).


We should strive for high-quality, high-resolution, and HUD-free images if we are able to. There's also the issue of correctly categorizing images so that we can actually find them and don't end up accidently adding the same or virtually same picture. When you do upload a file, remember to add the game, location, any pertinent information that you can under the categories.


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