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Choosing Just the Right Words

After seeing the images created by BrettM of the BioShock official forums posted here, I was inspired to make my own images in a similar style. I wanted to specifically capture all the normal model designs of the different Splicers.

I completed the images for BioShock and I'm almost finished capturing and assembling the images for BioShock 2. However, I could use some help coming up with labels for the pictures. The lines should ideally be something witty that represents the Splicers' personailty, captures a feeling of menace, or conveys the idea of a "collective" of people (see the ones written for BioShock for example).

Below are what I've got so far, but I'm not commited to any of them, so please share your thoughts and I might choose yours.

Lady Smith

  • Mommie Dearest?
  • Fallen Standards? (Thanks Contributor)


  • Economaniacs?
  • Wage Slave Drivers?
  • White-Collar Slime?
  • Blood-Spattered Suits?
  • Blood-Stained Suits?

Baby Jane

  • Camera Tricks?
  • Working Girls?
  • Lovely Ladies?
  • Bittersweet Tarts?
  • Scarlet Starlets? (Thanks Tricksteroffools)
  • Choosy Floozy?
  • Street Performers?


  • Gay Bash?


  • Night Crawlers?
  • Creepy Crawlers?
  • Night Terrors?
  • Hypnic Jerks?


  • Force of God?
  • Altar Boys in Blue?
  • Flatfoot Faithful?
  • God's Law?

Dr. Grossman

  • Crypt Keepers?
  • Coffin Stuffers?


  • Fathers of the Year?
  • Deadbeat Dads?
  • Private Dick?
  • Moll Rats? (get it?)
  • Cock of the Walk



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