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Just a Regular Evening

Just a regular evening.

This time of year can really wear a person out. Maybe the recent polar plunge has you down or the fact that it's not yet the holidays so everyone still has to work. Whether that work is a final exam, Christmas shopping, or just your everyday job, we could all use some levity. Maybe this can help.

While looking for pictures in Dionysus Park, I got into an altercation with some Splicers and this is the end result. One Breadwinner splayed out on the floor, a Lady Smith pinned to the wall by a Spear, the register and a shotgun nearby. I removed the spear, but she just stayed in that position (bloody, but hangin' in there) as if she were reaching out. Something about the mise-en-scène of this image tells a story. That's where you come in.

This picture says a thousand words, you just need to come up with them. Is this a joke, a dramtic story, something else… Share your two cents. Write what you think Lady Smith, Breadwinner, or both are saying/thinking or just narrate a story. Show your creative side BioShock Wiki contributors!

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